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18 November 2022

Leaping to Sustainable Transport in Africa

The global transport transition can only be achieved in cooperation with Africa

African countries currently account for only 3.8% of global CO2 emissions. As economies and populations grow, emissions on the continent are rapidly increasing – especially in the transport sector, which is already responsible for a major share of emissions. Urbanisation, high investment requirements in infrastructure and increasing demand for mobility are driving growth and change in the sector. Global trends in electrification, renewable energy use, and digital innovation offer numerous opportunities for a leap to sustainable transport on the continent.

The article is an excerpt from the journal “Internationales Verkehrswesen (74) Heft 4 | 2022″. Originally published under the German title “Spurwechsel in Afrika”.


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Language: German
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  • Daniel Bongardt
  • Verena Knöll