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9 December 2021

Roadmap For Data-Driven Transformation Of Indian Bus Systems

The paper provides an overview of the role and opportunities for improved data availability, management and analytics in driving service efficiency and customer responsiveness of Indian bus agencies. Data analytics from existing ITS systems such as vehicle tracking and electronic ticketing can improve several strategic priority areas for bus agencies such as customer engagement, performance management, service planning, scheduling and contract management of outsourced bus services. The paper explains the current gaps and opportunities to improve data practices in each of these strategic priority areas through specific case examples

The paper also highlights the need for capacity building of stakeholders involved at various stages of data generation, management and application including the bus agencies themselves and other supporting actors like policymakers, consultants, academics, think tanks and civil society organizations. Given the unique operating, contracting and performance characteristics of Indian bus agencies, the need for the development of context-specific tools is also identified as a key area of improvement. GIZ has been working with Indian cities to create such tools as highlighted in the paper and would continue to engage with all the key stakeholders towards improved data management and its application in Indian bus agencies. We would continue to build partnerships and take up technical cooperation and capacity-building activities towards the advancement of data-driven transformation of Indian bus services


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Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Narendra Verma
  • Ravi Gadepalli
  • Shirish Mahendru

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