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2 October 2014

SHAPE-IT Guidelines for Policy-Makers

Policy Integration, Policy Processes and Participation in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

This resource contains ten practical recommendations for using SUMP as a tool for integrating policy goals across institutions and government levels. It provides guidance on how to complement top-down governance approaches with cohesive decision-making structures to foster multilevel governance along the entire SUMP process.

The guide is targeted to local authorities and policy makers who wish to create informative and inclusive processes for policy development and implementation with many stakeholder entities because such collaborative approaches are crucial for the success of transport measures and policies.

Of particular benefit is a 1-page fact sheet of success factors that positively influence policy integration and policy processes through participatory planning. The resource contains European examples, which however does not imply that the guidance per se is not applicable to contexts in developing and transitioning countries. In that sense, the source can be very beneficial as it clearly demonstrates how SUMP can be a vehicle to achieve better integration across departments and sectors.


29 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Frank Wefering
  • Kristin Tovaas
  • Miriam Lindenau