MobiliseYourCity Global Monitor 2021

After a two-month period of data collection and analysis, we can report that the first completed projects have secured 922 million euros to implement the sustainable mobility plans and programmes supported by the Partnership.

This means that around 6.3 million people, mostly from the middle and poorer classes in their cities, will have improved access to public transportation. Better public transport is also coupled with nearly €90 million for dedicated infrastructure for walking and cycling, which will all result in an expected reduction of 14% of GHG emissions.

In addition to the aggregate results, this Global Monitor 2021 presents some of the highlights of 2020: How effectively we were able to transition to online trainings, the increased interest in accelerating the transition to use other forms of data sources for data collection in mobility planning, the awareness of the importance and special vulnerability of informal transport workers, as well as those who rely on them.


192 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Elena Tanzarella
  • Eléonore François-Jacobs
  • Julien Ferdinand
  • Mateo Gomez Jattin
  • Sasank Vemuri
  • Vincent Larondelle

10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport