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26 November 1920

Manual for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Global Environment Facility Transportation Projects

The Transport Emissions Evaluation Models for Projects (TEEMP) was initially developed by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities for the IDTP to assess Asian Development Bank’s transport projects and has since become the standard for Global Environment Facility (GEF) projects too. Projects funded by the GEF are offered this package of excel-based models which are also freely available to the public.

The accompanying technical manual provides a complete introduction to GHGs emissions at the project level, so transport measures may be implemented in the most GHG-efficient manner. The models’ logics are then presented with an overview of how to apply the appropriate methodologies. TEEMP models streamline the process of estimating emissions impacts for transportation projects in five categories: (1) Transportation Efficiency Projects (Clean Vehicles/ Fuels), (2) Public Transportation Projects (Bus/Rail), (3) Non-Motorized Transportation Projects, (4) Transportation Demand Management Projects, and (5) Comprehensive Regional Transport Initiatives.  A step-by-step guide is given for estimating direct and indirect impacts for each for the categories.

Therefore, not only can TEEMP be used as a part of the SUMP process (i.e. to measure transport emissions) but can also be used as a project management tool for developing the SUMP itself.


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