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25 November 1920

Inclusive Markets Development: Guide to Partnership Building

This document offers guidance on how to build strategic partnerships across different sectors necessary for any SUMP process. The guide was created for the UNDP’s Inclusive Markets Development programme and pushes the concept of a lead facilitator or “partnership broker” to take responsibility for facilitating stakeholder relations. I.e. it is a person who plays a decisive role to help to bring together different stakeholders and help negotiate between their needs whether at the individual institutional level.

“Partnership brokering”, is thus helpful for both the SUMP themes “Participatory Processes” and “Cooperation and integration”. It can be used to form strategic alliances among planning authorities, public transport operators and other government bodies of different hierarchical levels, to mobilise them for an active and coordinated participation in the SUMP process.

Topics covered in the guide include: defining partnerships and brokering roles and responsibilities; assessing potential partners; facilitating and negotiating activities. Also, tools for process management and communication are provided.

Although this resource is a few years old, it still provides useful, concrete and almost timeless advice and tools that can be easily adapted to any co-creative and democratic planning processes.

The french version is available here


35 Pages
Language: English, French
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • International Business Leaders Forum
  • The Partnering Initiative