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9 September 2019

Germany’s Grant Programme for Funding Electric Transit Buses

This document summarizes the grant programme for funding electric transit buses (German: “Richtlinien zur Förderung der Anschaffung von Elektrobussen im öffentlichen Personennahverkehr“) by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature conservation and Nuclear Safetey (BMU) in English.

The program aims at supporting the market penetration of electric buses in Germany. As lighthouse projects, the funded projects will also generally increase interest in electric buses, so that the funding program will indirectly contribute to the technology’s further dissemination. The specific aim is to subsidize at least 100 to 150 electric buses. This alone will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to approx. 10,000 tCO2-eq. annually. Since the subsidy should lead to a change in the overall bus fleet in the future, as much as 2.5 million tCO2-eq. could be reduced every year.
The promotion of electric buses in public transport should complement current measures of the Federal Government to fulfill the climate and environmental protection goals and support the market penetration of existing, highly efficient vehicle technologies.


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