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25 November 1920

Evaluation Matters: A Practitioners’ Guide to Sound Evaluation for Urban Mobility Measures

This is an easy-to-read, hands-on book of tips and advice when designing a framework for urban mobility-related evaluations. The guide uses quirky comics and metaphors to help the reader develop a better understanding of evaluating the impacts of mobility measures. It can also easily be applied to evaluating a SUMP process.

The guide helps create a feeling for learning, both in current and future projects so that measures can be improved even during their implementation. The following highlighted topics are especially useful: 1) public expenditure and optimizing resource allocation, 2) the compounding effects of multiple mobility measures on the groups they target, and 3) improving future planning methodologies.

Although this resource was created from the experiences of mobility planning in Europe the rationale for monitoring and evaluation which it teaches can be broadly applied to developing countries too. This resource works hand-in-hand with the SUMP 2.0 Guidelines as it advocates for generating value for all involved parties in the SUMP process, i.e. stakeholders, decision makers, and citizens.


179 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Katrin Dziekan
  • Michael Abraham
  • Stefanie Kettner
  • Stephan Daubitz
  • Stephanie Müller
  • Veronique Riedel