Electrifying Public Transport in Intercity, Rural Areas and Secondary/ Satellite Cities in Rwanda

Within the scope of Mobilize Net-Zero, GIZ is supporting the government of Rwanda to develop a flagship project on decarbonising the public transport sector, with a specific focus on intercity transport, secondary and satellite cities, and rural transport. The main goal of these activities is to showcase a comprehensive transformation model while expediting the shift towards high-quality, flexible, and zero-emission public transport services in Africa. 

This first report presents the status quo of the public transport sector in Rwanda, delving into the  country’s climate objectives, the existing regulatory and planning framework, and the current state of intercity and rural public transport systems in secondary and satellite cities. These insights serve as the foundation for formulating recommendations aimed at fostering the net-zero transformation of the sector.


50 Pages
Language: English
    Authors (alphabetical order):
  • Francois Zirikana
  • Linda Cáceres Leal
  • Mateo Gomez Jattin