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17 November 2022

Climate financing for the transport transition

The International Climate Initiative has been promoting sustainable sustainable mobility for almost 14 years

The German government’s International Climate Initiative (IKI) supports emerging and developing countries in their efforts to transform transportation. A project to promote urban mobility in Lviv (Ukraine) was the start of a series of transport projects in 2008. The TRANSfer project, implemented by GIZ, was central to interlinking the IKI projects. Since its launch, around 6 billion EUR in international support have been mobilised. The topic of climate finance is set to be a major theme at COP27 as well. Beyond TRANSfer, IKI and GIZ will therefore continue to promote climate protection in the transport sector.

The article is an excerpt from the journal “Internationales Verkehrswesen (74) Heft 4 | 2022″. Originally published under the German title “Klimafinanzierung für die Verkehrswende”.



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10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport