Promoting Efficient Mobility and Transport Planning in Argentinean Cities

In its second NDC from 2020 to 2025, the government of Argentina has increased its climate ambition by driving and recognising the urgency and priority of the issue in the design and implementation of public policies, as well as achieving a cross-cutting involvement. This includes the transport and mobility sector, responsible for approximately 14% of the country’s total CO2 emissions.

In order to strengthen concrete climate change mitigation measures in the sector at both national and local level, we at GIZ consider it vital to promote efficient mobility and transport planning in Argentinean cities.

That is why in May we launched the Support Programme for the Elaboration of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in Argentinean Municipalities. This ambitious initiative will last 20 weeks, during which we will bring together local authorities from 20 municipalities involved in urban planning to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement SUMPs in their localities.

This activity is framed within the actions of the Country Plan, developed through the EUROCLIMA+ programme. One of the actions agreed with the government of Argentina consists of the Development of Local Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

Course contents

The Support Programme for the Development of SUMPs in Argentinean Municipalities aims to strengthen institutional capacities to improve urban mobility, reduce negative environmental impacts, and take advantage of the benefits derived from sustainable mobility.

The course is structured with a synchronous e-learning instance, a synchronous learning instance and a third instance of specialised tutorial support.

It is structured in 4 consecutive phases following the SUMP methodology developed by MobiliseYourCity: Preparation and analysis, Strategy development, Planning of measures, Implementation and monitoring.

SUMP Cycle, developed by MobiliseYourCity

The modules and contents will be taken both synchronously and a-synchronously, in which participants will be able to complete the activities and review the contents according to their own time, as well as participate in live sessions to receive support from the tutors.

In addition to providing them with materials and contact with speakers with extensive experience in the SUMP methodology, participants have a discussion forum to exchange experiences among themselves, as well as tasks to implement the tools in their own municipalities.

In addition to GIZ and the Ministry of Transport, other participants include the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Platform in Latin America of the EUROCLIMA+ Programme, the Centre for Sustainable Development GEO of the Faculty of Economic Sciences (UBA), the Asociación Sustentar and Rupprecht Consult.

Next steps

The course will conclude in September 2022. As a final deliverable, participants will produce a Draft Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for their municipalities. Based on this document and the tasks developed, as well as other geographical, mobility and socio-economic criteria of their cities, 10 proposals will be selected to participate in the next phases of the action, in which they will receive technical support to develop and implement SUMPs and integrate the gender perspective in inclusive mobility pilot projects.

This programme is part of one of the 5 actions that are part of the Argentina Country Plan, developed through the EUROCLIMA+ programme in conjunction with other implementing agencies and the national authorities. Each of these actions is implemented autonomously, but there are opportunities to strengthen coordination and complementarity between them, which address issues such as climate empowerment, just energy transition, international climate finance, as well as rural and indigenous women for a climate justice.

The EUROCLIMA+ project is commissioned by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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Alvaro Andre Motta Callo