MobiliseYourCity is 5 years old

An opportunity to reflect on our past and to look ahead to the future

5 years in review: success worth scaling

Launched by France, Germany and the European Union at COP 21 in Paris with 15 partners and 15 million Euros, MobiliseYourCity began as an initiative to support cities and countries in addressing local mobility challenges with global impacts. Today with nearly 100 partners (including a total of 60 city partners and 14 country partners) and 40 million euros, the Partnership prepares sustainable urban mobility plans, ensure access to finance, and build capacities on the way.

So far, MobiliseYourCity has mobilised nearly a billion euros for sustainable mobility projects. By 2030 we expect the full implementation of our national activities to result in a reduction of over 35 megatons of CO2-equivalent emissions. At the city-level, we expect a 20% reduction in annual emissions against business as usual in the same frame. 6 million people will have improved access to public transportation services, air pollution will decrease, and road safety will improve.

The need to raise ambition

MobiliseYourCity is encouraged by this success but also acknowledges that the demand is high, and the time is short to shape sustainable cities of the future. Indeed, three million people are moving to cities every week and, by 2050, 68% of the world population will be living in cities. $3 trillion is the estimated investment required to increase the sustainability of existing and new transport systems, which accounts for 25% of global energy-related GHG emissions, over the 2015-2035 period.

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership shows what is possible when we act collectively and with urgency and it recognises the need to increase our ambition.

Looking ahead to the next 5 years with the MobiliseYourCity Strategy 2021-2025

On 6 November 2020, MobiliseYourCity’s partners gathered for the 8th MobiliseYourCity Steering Committee meeting where we introduced the proposed strategy for the next five years. With the MobiliseYourCity Strategy 2021-2025, the Partnership is raising its ambition and expanding its services to cities and countries. MobiliseYourCity plans to ensure implementation of projects, and aims to enable a fair transition in urban transport.

All of the Steering Committee voting members expressed their general alignment with the vision and approach outlined in the strategy and the concrete implementation will continue to be discussed. MobiliseYourCity’s donors, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), demonstrated once again their commitment by extending their support until mid-2022.

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is animated by mobility, and what better mobility can do for people and the planet. With this new perspective, the Partnership looks forward to a continued collaboration with partners to transform mobility and help shape sustainable cities of the future.

Watch the video MobiliseYourCity prepared to celebrate our 5-year anniversary, which was shown at the Climate Ambition Summit on December 12th 2020.

Photo by Dil on Unsplash