Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Metropolitan Regions

The SUMP topic guides were created to supplement the guidelines. They were also updated with the release of second edition of the EU SUMP guidelines mentioned in the General theme above. This topic guide offers support for planning, designing and implementing a SUMP at the metropolitan scale.
Given that developing and transitioning countries have the globe’s highest urbanisation rates, authorities need to account and plan for rapidly spreading cities, and the impacts it will have on their transport systems. This guide presents different types of Functional Urban Areas that metropolitan areas can be categorized in. This is the starting point from which planners can coordinate their SUMP processes as it delineates the jurisdiction which the SUMP covers, the appropriateness of different governance schemes, and types of planning procedures that should be employed.

The guide offers a very good introduction to the topic area including key definitions, challenges for metropolitan regions, and valuable lessons learned. It complements the SUMP 2.0 guidelines as it closely follows the 12 steps of the SUMP cycle. The source uses European examples to illustrate its guidance, but is recommended nonetheless as the guidance itself was written for a global audience and is highly relevant for developing and transitioning countries.

Name of the Document: Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Metropolitan Regions
Author: Mathilde Chinellato, Maria Morfoulaki
Year: 2019
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