Assessing the Impact of Measures and Evaluating Mobility Planning Processes

The EU project CH4LLENGE sought to identify and help assist with pressing challenges of developing, implementing and assessing an SUMP.

Several “Challenge Kits”, consisting of a manual and a factsheet, were produced to address each of the common challenges. The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Kit supports practitioners in dealing with barriers encountered when formulating and enacting M&E activities.

The factsheet identifies areas of key recommendations that are then fully described in the manual. Recommendations are made about the procedures, context, indicator selection, communication and SUMP process evaluation.

Although these kits are based on the experience made in European cities, the lessons learned are equally valuable for the developing world context; this holds particularly true for the factsheet, which is not set in any particular

context. A caveat for using the manual is that it does routinely give European examples to illustrate guidance. Nevertheless, the guidance itself is highly applicable for developing and transitional countries since the challenges are faced quite generally in both contexts.

Readers benefit from determining which local “hot topics” they face and from the final chapter, which delivers further relevant material including a template of an M&E Plan, and an online learning course, which is still available for free.

Name of the Toolbox: SUMP Kits | SUMP Challenges
Author: Rupprecht Consult
Language: English

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