Local Funding Options for Public Transportation

This report evaluates eighteen options for local funding instruments eligible to support finance public transport projects and services, including inter alia fare increases, property and fuel taxes, road tolls, parking levies and land value capture.

Eight criteria were applied to evaluate the different options: potential revenue, predictability and sustainability, equity (horizontal/vertical), travel impacts, strategic development objectives, public acceptance and ease of implementation. The chosen set of funding options is larger and its evaluation more detailed and systematic than most previous studies.

No new instruments that are particularly cost effective and easy to implement were identified in this research and for each of them, disadvantages and constraints were characterized. The report concludes that a variety of funding instruments should be used to support finance the local share of transportation improvements in order to ensure broad cost distribution and stability.

Topics: Funding, Urban mobility, Financing, public transport
Document Type: Report
Name of the Document: Local Funding Options for Public Transportation
Authors: Todd Litman
Organisation: Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Year: 2021
Number of Pages: 44
Language: English

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Ronja Kwasniok