Impact Assessment Results from Various Countries and Methods

A compilation of case studies and impact assessment results for Ecuador, North America, Europe, Australia, Vietnam and Lao PDR.

Case-Study: Ecuador

This study analyses techniques for fuel consumption reduction in a transport fleet in the highlands of Ecuador. Five measurable and quantifiable techniques (idling, constant speed, hard breaking and acceleration events, inertia, rpm) were evaluated before and after a transport fleet driver was trained. The results show remarkable reduction for fuel consumption and for each technique analysed.
Name of the Document: Eco-driving techniques applied in a transport fleet in Ecuador: A case study with quantifiable and measurable techniques
Authors: Gustavo Alvarez-Coello, Andrés Baquero-Larriva, Daniel Cordero-Moreno, Jorge Muñoz-Falconí, Fernando Rivas-Paz
Organisation: ERGON – Automotive Engineering Research and Development Center Universidad del Azuay
12 pages | 2018

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Case-Study: North America, Europe, Australia

This meta-analysis summarises ecodriving assessment results from around the world and reviews the effectiveness of various training approaches.
Name of the Document: Eco-driving Technology for Logistics Transport Fleet to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Emissions
Author: Yuhan Huang
Organisation: UTC
25 pages | 2018

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Case Study: Lao PDR and Vietnam

Assessment results from an ADB-funded green freight project in the Mekong region.
Name of the Document: Core Environment Program and Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Initiative in the Greater Mekong Subregion, Phase 2 – Green Freight Project Implementation – Lao and Viet Nam
Authors: Jürg M. Grütter & Ly Dang
Organisation: Grütter Consulting/ADB
13 pages | 2016

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