Environmental Impact Assessment Tool

The Costs and Emissions Appraisal Tool for Transit Buses by the World Resources Institute (WRI) is intended to help bus operators and transit agencies make informed decisions about alternative bus types during the preliminary analysis phase and to help them determine whether the transition to a “clean fleet” is financially viable and worthwhile based on expected emissions reductions.
The Excel-based Tool allows users to compare emissions reductions of two bus fleets, each composed of up to three bus types. Bus types can differ in terms of fuel type, the technology used to achieve different emissions standards, and length. The Tool then calculates the costs and emissions of each bus type and the total costs and emissions of each fleet.

Name of the Tool: Costs and Emissions Appraisal Tool for Transit Buses
Organisation: World Resources Institute (WRI)
Authors: Erin Cooper, Erin Kennedy, Juan Miguel Velásquez, Xiangyi Li, Thet Hein Thun
Year: 2019
Language: English
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Photo by Rangga Cahya Nugraha on Unsplash
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