The role of green hydrogen and Power-to-X in defossilising transport

Transport and Climate Change Week’s Hydrogen Hours & Panel with the World Economic Forum

The Hydrogen Hours and panel discussion with the World Economic Forum  part of Transport and Climate Change Week 2021 addressed the opportunities and considerations of green hydrogen and Power-to-X as solutions to defossilise transport. 

In the first session, “Why do we need Power-to-X in transport?” Jekaterina Boening, from Transport and Environment, Heino von Meyer from the International PtX Hub Berlin and Gonzalo Muñoz, UN High Level Climate Champion UN COP25 discussed the role of Power-to-X fuels in defossilising transport.  

The focus was on the push for climate neutrality by 2050, and the role PtX can play in high emissions sectors such as aviation and maritime transport that cannot be directly electrified. Jekaterina Boening emphasised the huge energy losses at each stage of the PtX production process and the need for sustainability criteria, such as the use of additional renewable energy (and ensuring a closed carbon cycle). 

Charlotte Hussy, Advisor at the International Power-to-X Hub Berlin moderated the session. It’s online and available to watch here.

In the second session, “How to Produce Sustainable Power-to-X Fuels to Defossilise Transport” sustainability considerations of Power-to-X were discussed with Dr. Dietrich Brockhagen from Atmosfair, Nino Berta from Climeworks, and Ana Angel from HINICO. Direct Air Capture (DAC) and desalination plants were presented as solutions to sustainably source the CO2 and water needed for Power-to-X – with both technologies easy to upscale with the support of investors.  

Another key focus of the session was the need for international certification standards to regulate the production of Power-to-X and the export of green hydrogen from the global South to Europe. 

This session was moderated by Heino von Meyer from the International PtX Hub Berlin. It’s online and available to watch here.

In the third session, “Experience from PtX Projects for Aviation and Shipping” Nadine Bresemann from PEMSEA, Marcos de Oliveira Costa from ProQR, and Michael Savarin from the Green Climate Fund in Dominica all weighed-in their expertise. 

Nadine Bresemann highlighted green ammonia and green hydrogen as promising solutions for the shipping industry to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets as both are expected to be affordable and are easy to store and transport. Further discussion included how the transformation of the transport sector can support stronger climate resilience in areas prone to natural disasters. 

This session was moderated by Alexander Mahler, Transport Advisor at the International PtX Hub Berlin. It’s online and available to watch here.

In the panel discussion, “Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Clean Skies?”, leading voices from the World Economic Forum, Transport and Environment, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Neste, and GIZ discussed how sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) can help defossilise the aviation sector. The discussion included the opportunities Power-to-Liquid presents for long-term industrial development and the democratisation of the sustainable aviation fuel supply chain. 

The event was moderated by Torsten Schwab, Director of the International PtX Hub Berlin. It’s online and available to watch here.


Maren Schoettler, Berlin