City creditworthiness self-assessment and planning toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help improved the creditworthiness and access to finance of local authorities (e.g. cities, states, utilities). Enhancing creditworthiness is essential to access financing more easily and especially relevant when it comes to green bonds issuance.

The toolkit is structured along six steps:

  1. Complete self-assessment: Local authority has to complete questionnaire on creditworthiness
  2. Identify challenges: Toolkit identifies key challenges for creditworthiness based on the self-assessment results
  3. Prioritise your challenges: Local authority chooses and ranks challenges based on local priorities
  4. Create your action plan: Toolkit guides local authority through options to address these challenges
  5. Download your action plan & report: Local authority receives customized creditworthiness self-assessment and preliminary action plan report
  6. Refine and implement action plan: Local authority refines and implements it action plan to strengthen its financial performance and creditworthiness

Topics:  green bonds, financing, creditworthiness, self-assessment, planning
Document Type: Tool
Name of the Document: City creditworthiness self-assessment and planning toolkit
Organisation: World Bank Group, Rockefeller Foundation
Language: English

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