Building Capacities for Electromobility: International Course for Latin America

Scaling up solutions and new technologies such as electromobility for the decarbonisation of transport requires the capacity building of the various actors that make up the system.  

In this context, GIZ, through the Moving Chile project, in partnership with the TRANSfer III project, and in collaboration with the University of Chile and the Centre for Acceleration of Electromobility (CASE), are developing the International Course on Electromobility.   

This programme aims to help professionals from public entities and companies in charge of the design and operation of public passenger transport systems with buses in Latin America to develop skills in design, procurement, maintenance, and operation of electric buses and fleets. 

The first version of the course, which was inaugurated on 27 October, has 45 participants from Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, and Chile.  

The programme comprises nine modules, which will address key issues for the operation of electric fleets in the technical and operational fields, financing, gender mainstreaming, and others, and will continue until January 2022.  

The course will be completely virtual, with synchronous and asynchronous activities, as well as case studies.  

We hope this course will help facilitate the implementation of electromobility in the region. 

More info about the course here


Macarena Castillo, Santiago

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