Setting Up a Steering Structure

Bus fleet renewal projects need a clear steering structure and suitable organisational structures. We include here a tool to set up a project steering structure, a project example and a guidebook on organizational structures within transit agencies.

Mitigation Action Steering Structure

This “Mitigation Action coordination and steering structure” TRANSfer tool provides guidance for the establishment of a steering model. It offers an overview of the typical characteristics of a joint working group or a steering committee, which should be defined and agreed upon by the stakeholders when establishing such a structure. The use of the tool can ensure transparency and clarity concerning roles and responsibilities. It helps to develop a tailor-made steering structure adjusted to the conditions and stakeholder needs in the partner country.

Name of the Tool: Mitigation Action coordination and steering structure
Organisation: TRANSfer Project, GIZ
Author: Andrea Denzinger
Year: 2020
4 Pages | Language: English

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Example: Project Steering Structure of the SUTRI NAMA and INDOBUS transport project

The main objective of the SUTRI NAMA project is to contribute to climate change mitigation through sustainable transport policies and infrastructure projects at city level supported by a national urban transport programme, including the establishment of a national subsidy scheme for cities and transport operators to promote the investment in sustainable urban transport infrastructure. Here, the project steering structure is shown as a best practice example: The steering structure includes detailed information about the composition of members of the Board of the Steering Committee, the Technical Steering Committee and the Technical Support Unit. 

Name of the Document: Project Steering Structure – The example of the SUTRI NAMA and INDOBUS transport project in Indonesia
Organisation: TRANSfer Project, GIZ
Author: Achmad Zacky Ambadar
Year: 2019
5 Pages | Language: English

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Guidebook on Organisational Structure and Processes for City Bus Operations

This guidebook by the GIZ Project “Integrated Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for Smart Cities (SMART-SUT)” in India looks into steering organisational structures at the Level of public city bus agencies which operate on a PPP-model. It provides a comprehensive organisational structure and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for various functions within a bus organisation, along with an exhaustive list of job descriptions for all employees.

Name of the Document: Bhubaneswar on the move: Tools and Guidelines for City Bus Operations
Organisation: GIZ, SMART-SUT, Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT)
Author: Jayant Deshmukh
Year: 2019
36 Pages | Language: English

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