Covid 19

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Greening Transport post-COVID-19 in Viet Nam: Enterprises’ Response and Recovery

The NDC TIA supporting the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam and Vietnam Automobile Transport Association On...
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How to Overcome the Crises?

A Discussion on Green Recovery and the Transition of Transport. Leaders at COP26 made it clear:...
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Urban Transport in the Covid-19 Pandemic Context

Peru is the third most affected country in Latin America after Argentina and Colombia due to...
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A Global Dialogue on Decarbonising Transport

After one week filled with inputs, knowledge exchange, and fruitful discussions, this year’s Transport and Climate...
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En Route to COP26: Transport decarbonisation is essential to green, equitable recovery

Scheduled 12 months prior to the postponed COP26, the event was designed to accelerate collective and...
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Morocco’s Transport Sector Facing COVID-19

The Covid-19 crisis is impacting the functioning of our mobility and transport as never before. It...
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Towards a Better Normal: Philippine Government reorganises EDSA main road

The Philippine government has for years been studying options to improve people movement along the EDSA,...
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How COVID-19 Recovery Plans around the world enhance Transport Climate Ambition

The direction of countries’ COVID-19 recovery plans will determine the world’s climate and sustainable development trajectory...
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10 Principles for Sustainable Urban Transport