Ulrich Tokam

Position: Advisor
Location: Kenya, Nairobi

I am a transport specialist and researcher dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address the complex challenges facing transportation systems in Africa. At the forefront of my work is a commitment to sustainability and social equity, recognizing that the transport sector plays a critical role in shaping our world’s future. In my current role, I support a GIZ’s flagship project aiming at building a strong and self-sustaining network for transforming transport in Africa, where I collaborate with various stakeholders to design and implement impactful interventions.

With years of experience in the sector, including time spent as a junior advisor at the World Bank, UN-Habitat and SLOCAT Partnership, I bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the transportation landscape in Africa. I hold a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Padua, Italy and currently pursuing a PhD in Infrastructures and Transport at the Pan African University in Nairobi, Kenya. I’m proud to be driving sustainable change across Africa and contributing to the global fight against climate change.