Kyona Eichhorn

Intern, TRANSfer
Based in Bonn, Germany

Since the beginning of March 2022, I’m supporting the TRANSfer team in the area transport and climate change as an intern. I am thrilled to learn more about sustainable transport strategies and its essential role in decarbonizing.

Already during my studies in architecture, I realized my interests going further than designing and constructing buildings. I discovered my growing passion for planning and creating innovative solutions that allow communities to develop, add value for the society and maintain climate actions at the same time. Driven by this interest, I started working at an urban development company. After gaining some experience in urban planning I wanted to enhance my knowledge in sustainable transport. For me changing mobility and transport are monumental key factors to drive the process for a sustainable and equitable future forward. Therefore, I am more than happy to join the TRANSfer team and be an active part of this process.