Case Studies Philippines and Mexico

GIZ supports public transport modernisation around the world. Here we present results and lessons learnt from two projects in the Philippines and in Mexico City.

Modernizing Public Transport in the Philippines: The Jeepney+ NAMA

The Public Utility Vehicle Modernization (PUVM) Program of the Philippines aims to transform the road sector of public transport through the introduction of safer and climate-friendly vehicles, improved regulation, and industry consolidation. The program aims to improve the urban quality of life, reduce economic losses due to time lost in travel, reduce health costs and premature deaths, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the economic situation of the operators and industry by improving service quality levels.

Organisation: TRANSfer, GIZ
Year: 2018

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Electrifying Bus Routes: Insights from Mexico City’s Eje 8 Sur

With the support of the C40 Cities Finance Facility, a program which facilitates access to finance for climate change mitigation and resilience projects,  Mexico City established a bus route along the Eje 8 Sur- a 22 km long corridor which will serve an estimated 185,000 daily trips.

This report explores how data on electric buses’ financial costs, environmental impacts and on existing infrastructure on the route led to the choice of trolleybuses as the best solution for the Eje 8 Sur route.

Name of the Document: Electrifying Bus Routes: Insights from Mexico City’s Eje 8 Sur Technology Assessment
Organisation: C40 Cities Finance Facility
Year: 2019
12 Pages | Language: English and Spanish

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This video demonstrates how the implemenation of trolley busses and bicycle lanes along the Eje 8 Sur not only contributes to the reduction of emissions, but also improves the quality of life in the city.

Source: Youtube
Organisation: C40 Cities Finance Facility | GIZ Mexico
Year: 2020
 Spanish with English subtitles

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Electric public transport in Monterrey, Mexico

With the aim of reducing emissions in Monterrey’s public transport, the Government of the State of Nuevo León in collaboration with the C40 Cities Finance Facility programme promotes the implementation of electric buses in the corridors that will feed line 3 of the Monterrey underground. The aim is to create a clean, zero-emissions transport network which will allow Monterrey’s citizens to reach their destination quickly, without creating noise or pollution.

Source: Youtube
Organisation: C40 Cities Finance Facility | GIZ Mexico
Year: 2020
 Spanish with English subtitles

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Photo by Chuttersnap on Unsplash

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